Working and talking in several countries around the globe in several cultures might cause communication habits. Talking the "same" language is not a guarantee that your team or counterpart will understand your purpose.

We can bring it on one paper!

A rough sketch, a storybord, a precise action plan or a operation chart,
and everybody understands your propose.

Some pictures say more than thousend words.
Either you take a chalkbord by your own, or we can sketch it for you!


Stunts and Detail
working is stuntaction, it is necessary to make sure, that the upcomming action is safe and understood by the locationpermission holder / City permission a.s.o

Landscape • application planing
Keep the Location clear!

Since crews are growing bigger and bigger, a precise floorplan will help you and your coordinator to safe time and money. On one sheet your crew will understand where to park the technical stuff, and where the action will take part.



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